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GCP/RER/010/ITA/MSM-38 (MedSudMed Technical Documents n°38)
Report of the MedSudMed Oceanographic Survey: Libyan continental shelf – south-central Mediterranean Sea (15 - 30 July 2010). Rome, Italy. 2015

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 Authors:  Bonanno, A.-Zgozi, S.-Rumolo, P.-El Turki, A.-Cuttitta, A.-Hamza, M.A.-Basilone, G.-Uheshi, O.-Placenti, F.-Barra, M.-Genovese, S.-Assugayer, M.-De Luca, B.-Leonardi, M.-Fontana, I.-Giacalone, G.-Azzaro, F.- Patti, C.-del Core, M.-Ceriola, L.
 Pages:  88

Publication year:

 Keywords: Abiotic environment - data collection - data processing - Engraulis encrasicolus - fish eggs - fish larvae - ichthyoplankton - Libya - mapping - marine environment - nutrients - oceanographic data - phytoplankton - Sardinella aurita - trophic structure

This document is the final version of the report of the MedSudMed Oceanographic Survey carried out in Libyan waters from 15 to 30 July 2010 on board of the R/U Urania. The document presents also the results of the processing of the data collected during the survey. The survey was carried out under the cooperative framework promoted by the FAO MedSudMed Project (Assessment and Monitoring of the Fishery Resources and the Ecosystems in the Straits of Sicily). The main objective of the survey was to collect information on areas of concentration of eggs and larvae of small pelagic fish species and on the mesoscale physical aspects characterizing the area. During the survey, advantage was also taken to collect sediments and water samples to update and/or complement existing information and study the chemical-physical properties of the water masses. The results were expected to complement information gathered during the first and second MedSudMed surveys (August 2006, July 2008) and information available in other part of the MedSudMed area. The main target species for the ichthyoplankton study were anchovy (Engraulis encrasicolus) and round sardine (Sardinella aurita). An overall description of the sampling scheme, of the area explored and of the methods adopted is provided. The distribution and abundance of eggs and larvae of the main target species anchovy (Engraulis encrasicolus) and round sardine (Sardinella aurita) in the eastern part of Libyan waters is described. An outline of the composition and abundance of phytoplankton in the area is also provided. The main oceanographic characteristics, including water mass circulation, in the western Libyan waters are illustrated. A description of the trophic status of the waters is provided taking into account nutrients and suspended matter. A description of the content of trace elements and nutrients in the water column complete the information provided in this report


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